Being A Registered Nurse As A Nurse Essay

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I decided to major in Nursing because I knew I always wanted a career in the health field, but I do not want to go to medical school. At least right now I do not want to, but that may change in the future. Nursing interests me because I would have options about what kind of a nurse I want to be, who I want to work with and the setting I would like to work in. There are a lot of topics that interest me as a nursing major. I’m mostly interested in the hands on experience and actually doing the clinical trials. I’m interested in that because I know once I start that I’ll be one step closer to my degree and that means one step closer to being a Registered Nurse. The areas that I think I will have some difficulties in are the science classes unfortunately. Science was never my best subject, but I know I’ll have to put more of an effort in when it comes to those classes. If I had to choose a minor I would pick Pharmacology. BeforeI had decided I wanted to be nursing major I considered pharmacology. I had an interest in it and I still do, I would like to do something with it. I believe that being a nursing major and minoring in pharmacology would go hand in hand with each other. Another minor I would consider is Psychology. Just as pharmacology would go hand in hand with nursing, psychology would also go hand in hand with nursing. Psychology would help me to better understand patients behavior when treating them and understand people in general. There are many careers I can…

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