Essay on Being A Psychologist

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The occupation of being a psychologist includes a whole lot of studying, but to be a researcher in psychology you 'll need a doctoral degree! For just being a psychologist you’ll only need to have a PhD. There are 4 years of college then there is 5 years of graduate school. As for a doctoral psychologist you will need a PsyD, including for clinical, school, and health it will require a 1 year internship which is part of the doctoral program. The Psy.D is a clinical degree and is often used for practical work, such as examinations which is more than a dissertation. As from other Psychologists they state that you do NOT need experience to be a psychologist!. The skills that will be needed to become a psychologist are strong communication skills, due to them speaking and listening to their patients while they are talking. They also study attitude and behavior. They need to be able to watch patients and understand them by their facial expressions which is, body positions, actions, and interactions. Psychologists must be able to show patience because of research and study on patients may take longer than expected.

For a psychologist the maximum wage of the pay is usually $69,280 which was last may in 2012. The pay for different psychologists:
Industrial Organizational Psychologists- $83,580
For clinical, counseling and school psychologists- $67,650
For other type or just psychologists-$90,020
As shown above for the 3 related occupations they 're, Industrial Organizational…

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