Essay about Being A Physician Is A Tradition

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I belong to a family where being a physician has become a tradition. Not long ago, none of my forefathers were educated. It all changed when my grandfather had a problem with his knees. The best doctors in the country advised a biopsy and a sample was taken and sent to the U.K. My family was shocked when the results reported a malignant growth and doctors advised an above knee amputation. How could a young, healthy and athletic man like my grandfather have such a deadly disease? A hero appeared, in the unlikely form of a doctor from my small hometown of Umerkot. Back then, the city was pre-industrial; and most people lived without basic amenities like electricity and a municipal water supply. Therefore it was not to be expected that doctor from such a backward area would say that a lab result could be wrong. Given my grandfather’s young age and contradictory symptoms he urged a repeat of the test. The doctor from Umerkot was right! The results came back negative this time. Not only was my grandfather able to live longer, but he lived without ever having any surgery. Indeed the doctor was a hero! As a result my father became a physician. Not only that but when he got engaged to my mother, who came from an area where women were denied an education, the marriage agreement included a provision that she pursue her education and become a physician herself.
I did not become a doctor because of family tradition. In fact, as a child I did not want to be a physician. I resented all…

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