Essay about Being A Personal Statement : Professional Knowledge

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Employable Register Personal Statement

Professional Knowledge
I have extensive knowledge and understanding of how students learn in a number of learning environments by assessing student ability, basing learning on areas of student interest and differentiating teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across a full range of abilities in both mainstream and special education settings. At the beginning of all lessons, I revise and reinforce the important concepts of the previous lesson before engaging in the sequential content knowledge. As I specialised in special education in my university studies I incorporated a wide range of strategies to support full participation of students through differentiating learning tasks, making appropriate accommodations such as scaffolding tasks. Furthermore, I create work, which is cognitively appropriate while being age appropriate. To engage students within the differentiated learning process I observe and make assessments to determine student ability to carefully match a student current level of readiness to appropriate tasks, which are achievable but stretch their intellect. I cohesively combined my professional knowledge and experience to adept the ACARA and SACE curriculum into organising, planning and designing inclusive, well structured learning and teaching sequences within my teaching practice. I portray enthusiasm in the subjects I taught to encourage and increase student involvement and participation in the…

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