Being A Peak Performer Means Creating Excellence Essay

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Being a peak performer means creating excellence by focusing on results. They know how to transform their negatives into positives. They also know how to break down their goals into easier steps. (Bethel,2013,Pg. 6) Peak performers also take risks and move outside their own comfort zones. They are motivated and stay confident and resilient. Peak performers strive to do the absolute best that they can in everything they do. Businesses and companies need peak performers as employees because it would generally cause growth within the company therefore increasing revenue and overall success for said company. If people didn 't strive to be peak performers there would be no motivation or great success. Also people would be lazy and would care if they did great things in life. Peak performers do care if they get things done and are constantly developing new skills to be the best and to overcome great obstacles.

College Orientation Experience, Bethel 2013

Self assessment is important because it allows you to discover yourself and make positive changes. There are some tools that will allow you to self assess. There is the peak performance self assessment test. It allows you to discover your strongest skills and your weakest skills. There is the learning style inventory it helps you discover your learning preference also, there is the four-temperament, it indicates your preference working with others, making decisions, and learning new information. (Bethel,2013,pages…

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