Being A Party Planner Is Not Easy For Anyone Essay examples

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According to the Google Dictionary, a party is “a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.” People attend parties very often, but how many of them have actually been party planners? Being a party planner is not easy for anyone, especially for a young kid. I can still remember the first time I prepared a party for one of my best friends—seems like it happened yesterday.
Zhang was my 6th-grade classmate. After I graduated from my elementary school, some of my friends and I went to the same middle school to pursue our own dreams. Two months after graduation, everyone began new classes and a new life. I still remember my 6th-grade head teacher once saying, “Becoming your head teacher is a fate that we should cherish.” My friends who went to the same school also had a fate they want to cherish, so I did not want any of us to drift away. Zhang was the simplest one of us. Whenever we did anything, she would smile. Her smile was very pure. I liked her smile very much and called it an “innocent smile”. But of course, we all had “innocent smiles”. I wished to host a birthday party for her so all of our friends could gather together at the end of the school year to have fun.
Only once I got to planning, did I realize that I had not officially told them the party location and some matters, so I decided to let them come talk to me after the graduation ceremony. My class captain once said this: “A party in your imagination may be great;…

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