Being A Part Of A Military Family Essay example

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Monday: Being a part of a military family means being a part of a community and network of people across the United States and world. Being a member of this group of people creates a special bond that outsiders may not fully understand. It can be difficult for civilians to understand that military members of service would choose to fight in a war that no one truly knows anything about. With modern technology, we can see that violence is a large part of war, but the battles our members of service fight are also hidden. While we may not be able to see the scars or experience those battle wounds ourselves, it is important for those working with any individual associated with the military receive training and becoming educated about the “the military culture and to tailor clinical practices based on that understanding’ (Moore & Penk, 2011, Ch. 1). To develop this understanding, is to understand the language, the reasons why persons decide to join this community, and how this applies to your own personal view. As a person who is associated with the military because my father is honorably discharged as an Army Veteran and my boyfriend is currently Active Duty, I know from experience that service members make the greatest sacrifice for our country and the citizens in it.

The question that came to me as I reflected on this idea that service members are sacrificing their lives for the freedom and security of those living in the country they serve is what is the true value of…

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