Being A Parent Will Make Their Lives Difficult Essay

775 Words Aug 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Most people think that becoming a parent will make their lives difficult. Some find it hard to believe that they are becoming parents. Being a mother fills your heart with so much joy, fun, laughter and love, that it’s all overwhelming. My son, Auhmonti, is now seven years old and will be attending the 2nd grade in August. I still find it shocking that I actually gave birth to this little human. He has become my best friend and being his mother has changed my entire life. Being a mother clearly changes your perspective about things and the things you use to do, you no longer do because you are now a role model for your child. I was almost four months when I found out for sure that I was expecting my son. I had taken many different pregnancy tests, but the results were both negative and positive. The last test I had taken showed two lines, meaning pregnant. I had no signs or symptoms of being pregnant, but I still wanted to take proper precautions so I would know for sure. After talking with my mother I was pregnant, we then scheduled and appointment with our family doctor. Telling my mother I was pregnant was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I was so unsure on how I would tell her, but her reactions were so empowered, I didn’t panic like I thought I would. I came from a family of two brothers and a sister. Anything that we needed, my mother provided them for us. I wouldn’t call us spoiled, but we were blessed to have such a hard working and caring mother. My…

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