Essay on Being A Parent Of A Child With A Disability

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Being a parent of a child with a disability can be a very scary thing; especially, if you do not how to recognize it. There are a few ways that a parent can identify if your child has a sensory/motor processing disorder. There are five sensory categories/areas in which the child could suffering from; these include tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive, visual, and auditory. In the tactile area some signs that a parent could look for is being bothered by tags on their clothes, reacting to certain textured foods, and when walking they tend to touch everything; for example, walls. In the vestibular area a child may rock while they are sitting or standing and they like to spin or swing often. They also have a tendency to wiggle a lot while sitting; meaning, that no matter what the case they cannot sit still. Now, in the proprioceptive area a child will tend to handle their toys in a rough manner, plays very roughly, or even stomps their feet or bangs things with hands. In the visual area a parent needs to look for their child to demonstrate poor eye contact, using their hand as a visor in sunlight or fluorescent and if a child has a tendency to turn their head when looking at things. Finally, in the auditory area a child tends to cover their ears or screams when they hear sudden loud noises such as a vacuum cleaner. The child will also continuously make sounds like humming or clicking (Boutot & Myles, 2011, p. 254).
In some of these areas it can be very hard for a…

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