Being A Parent Is Hard Enough Essay

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Being a parent is hard enough; until a child is old enough to understand English, there is no way to communicate with it. Most parents do not realize, there is. American Sign Language is a language developed by Deaf people, for Deaf people and is used primarily in the United State and parts of Canada. Although ASL was developed by Deaf people for their own use, sign language can be utilized by so many others; including infants under two years of age and those with special needs that effect their speaking abilities. Studies have shown that teaching infants ASL before they are able to speak can help those infants speak and read at faster rates and can increase their comprehension of the English language. Teaching sign language to children with average hearing and development is a benefit to the child and parent because it shortens the time that parents are unable to communicate with their infants, increases the child’s comprehension of language, and prompts an earlier reading and speaking age.
The ability to express one’s self and communicate needs is something most humans take for granted. For a majority of people, a portion of their personal self-esteem stems from their ability to take care of themselves, which requires being able to express one’s needs. This is not just the case for adults, “Baby signing experts believe that frustration and tantrums can be avoided by closing the gap between desire to communicate and the ability to do so,” (Collingwood, Paragraph 1.) Experts…

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