Essay about Being A Nurse Or A Teacher

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“My husband used to rape me, pimp me, and force drugs on me. I needed help and I couldn’t trust anyone around me. Not even the police. Hend* welcomed me to her brothel helped me escape verbal and physical abuse.”
“So you don’t consider yourself a victim to sexual exploitation?”
“No. My husband used to force me to sleep with his friends. But here it’s my choice. I mean I can’t be a nurse or a teacher and I don’t know how to read or write… It’s not like we enjoy sleeping with strangers but we don’t have a choice…”
“Thanks, Sarah. What about you, Rana?”
“It is complex, I used to be a street based worker, Khaldeh to be specific. I needed someone to protect me and one of the women there put me in contact with someone. He was very kind at first arranging me “dates” and all but then things changed and he took all my money and I was subject to different kinds of violence. I don’t want to talk more about it. I’m safe now.”
“Do you think working on your own is safer?”
“If you were doing something illegal and could easily be abused or harmed, you might want someone who was invested in keeping you safe.”

This is a transcript of an actual conversation between me and two women who work in an “undercover” brothel located in one of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. The brothel is run by a 45 year old woman who was like, Sarah, physically and sexually abused by her ex-husband.

“Few weeks ago, Lebanon 's security forces have dismantled the country 's largest known sex…

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