Being A Nurse Essay

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The art of nursing can be reflected on as what nurses need to be, how nurses need to act, and what can at any time while being a nurse. A nurse is a person who is registered and trained to care/nurture for a vile individual. The very reason I strive to be a nurse is because I care for people enough to want to help them out through any of their problems. I will help with school work, walking someone home, cooking, and anything else that I can help with. I believe that being in the position of becoming a nurse is the most effective way to help an individual or a group of people because you are able to use the proper material while doing so. This is just pertaining to helping individuals who are infirm or sick. A lot of people have the perception that being a nurse will always end in a happy ending but this is …show more content…
While being a nurse you are there to in fact help your patient be as healthy as possible, but how will you react when you realize the patient cannot be helped anymore. Imagining that feeling you may have at that time or even days later is very dramatic. What will you feel knowing that you did everything you could for that patient, but still that patient didn’t make it through. I know that as much as everyone else I want to do what I can for my patient, but doing all you can for a patient will not be enough more times than you think. Although I started with the negatives, being a nurse has great effect on your patient and on your life. You may be able to save a patient’s life by just doing your job. You may be able to relieve the pain of an individual by just doing your job. Can you imagine how that will make you feel, I can! I can image the patients look knowing they will be fine. I can imagine the patients families look knowing that there loved one will make it through. There are many positives that will come out of being a nurse. If taking care of patients in need is what you love to do than go do

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