Essay about Being A Middle Class Citizen

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Everyone has a specific trait that has been passed down, from a generation, that has helped shape the individual. An aspect of my individual identity that has shaped me into the person I am would be my social class. It helped me shape my personality and way that I look at things. I am from a middle class family, who takes pride in the way that their work is done. That work ethic has been brought down from each generation, since my great-grandmother had first come to America. She had to work both in Holland and America in order to make a life for herself. No one in my family has ever taken her struggle for granted. I have learned that working hard and taking pride in the work does pay off in the end. People take their money and social class for granted, knowing what my social class is helps me respect and help out those who are in a lower class. My social class has gotten me where I am today: college. Being a middle class citizen has prepared me for the future to come. My family’s social class has increased through generations. Knowing that has helped me realize that if I can continue the same work ethic as my ancestors, I can then be able to financially support myself. Being able to look at how my great-grandmother had been able to get out of poverty by working hard and taking pride in my work, has helped me look at things in a different way. Instead of doing a job with little effort and no pride, I should give it my all because someday I can not be doing jobs without a…

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