Being A Middle Child Is An Advantage Essay

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Being The Middle Child
Having and older and younger sibling could be ups and downs. Most people think being a middle child is an advantage because, they have someone to look up to and someone to look up to them. Being the middle child has its advantages and disadvantages. I’m a middle child and for me it’s a disadvantage. Having an older and younger sibling but somehow always was the blame for something. Being someone for a younger sibling to look up to but making all the wrong decisions than being made out to be the problem child. There was always favoritism with the older and younger sibling. Being the middle child most parents lack at giving them the attention they need.
There’s so many disadvantages in being a middle child like getting blamed for everything, being looked over and being treated like the maid of the family. When things go wrong the middle child seems to get the blame. Most parents don’t want to believe their first born or their baby did anything wrong. In a personal interview with Trophoisa Tanner, she’s an older sister and she was asked what she liked about being older sister she said “I never really got in trouble for nothing we done because momma always blamed you that’s because I’m her first born” prefect example of the blame game. Being the blame for everything could be depressing and life starts to seems un fair. On top of being blamed for everything you have to get in trouble to even be notice.
The middle child seems to get over looked makes them…

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