Being A Leader Is Hard Work Essay examples

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Being a leader is hard work. The effective leader will combine intelligence with organizational skills, be persuasive without being too bossy, assertive without demanding and have self-confidence to mold the future leaders in the company. Not everyone is a natural leader, some leaders, including myself, were thrust into their positions because there was no one else at the time that had the skills set, ability, time or flexibility to do the role. Other leaders I have worked with have practically begged for the position since the time they filled out the application at the door. While neither leader may have been the best, it is interesting to point what type of leader is effective and successful. The purpose of this paper is to describe an individual that supports my selection as an effective and positive leader.
Assessment Inventory
There are many different ways to determine how an individual will lead a group. One of the assessment tools commonly used, and supported by Walden University, is the DiSC personal assessment tool. DiSC claims to be nonjudgemental and helps discuss behavioral differences. The purpose of this assessment tool is to facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict (Discprofile, 2015). The four letters of DiSC stand for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. I completed the DiSC profile to find my style of leadership, learn more why my leadership style sometimes works well, sometimes doesn’t work well, and to see what…

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