Being A Landlord 's Dream Tenant Essay

1036 Words Jun 8th, 2016 null Page
Having tenants whom you can rely on to pay their rents on time each month and to not disturb the peace of their neighbors is a landlord 's perfect dream tenant. While it is understood that we are all human, and that mistakes or unexpected events do occur, that near perfect tenant is possible to find. This is where a thorough screening process of prospective tenants has an impact on the landlord 's dream. Thoroughly screening a prospect does more than give you the necessary information required for real estate rental. It allows you to weed out the good tenants from the bad ones. Doing so greatly reduces the risks to the state of your investments by diminishing the chances of property damage and having to field calls from angry neighbors. By reducing those risks, you increase the chances of having a better reputation as a landlord from more good reviews.

While it may not seem like it, the screening process begins as soon as the prospect reaches out to inquire about whether there are rentals available – be it real estate housing or apartments – and what the price points would be. At this initial contact, you should inform prospects of any up front rental and security deposits required, as well as lease terms. You can also perform a mini-interview of the prospective tenant by asking simple questions, such as:
Are there any pets? If applicable, are they housebroken?
Would there be any roommates or plans for any roommates in the future?
Does the tenant smoke? If so, does he or…

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