Being A Kid Is Fun And Exhilarating ! Essay

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Being a kid is fun and exhilarating! You feel like you can conquer the world. As a child, you could jump off of a big rock and feel like you just bungee jumped off of a massive skyscraper. Although the world makes you feel like anything is possible, it is very wise for you to listen to the advice given to you by your elders. During my early years of life, I found it very interesting to block out my grandma’s advice and do what I felt was necessary. Being as though I was a child, you can see that my way of doing things was absolutely incorrect. So, that resulted in some very interesting things taking place in my life.
On a hot summer day, in a small town like mine, you could find the streets filled with children playing and music blasting from passing cars. You would think that I would have been outside, but I was not in the mood for running around and playing tag like the other children did. I wanted to ride on my brand new pink scooter that my sister and I had to share. We got this scooter for Christmas, and it was not just any old scooter it was an electric one that had to be charged before you could ride it. So, we were patiently waiting for it to get just enough juice to take it for a few spins. Being that we were only seven, our patience was running thin, but we kept it cool or our scooter time would have been taken away. After hours of waiting we found out that we would have to wait until the next day to ride our scooter.
The next day had finally arrived and my sister…

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