Being A Juvenile Probation Officer Essay

1819 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, often times those mistakes lead individuals to become incarcerated. I want to be in law enforcement because I have seen how crime can have a negative impact on communities. Growing up in a St. Petersburg, Florida, I have seen how drug dealers and crime harmed communities, and affected families. I believe that receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies will equip me with the tools that I need to be a successful law enforcement officer. Although, there are many negatives that surround the current state of law enforcement, I am optimistic that agencies will improve their images by putting more emphasis on community policing and truly using their presence to help people. In this paper, I will be exploring why individuals commit crimes, why I want to be law enforcement professional, and what steps I can take to me lead me to becoming a Juvenile Probation Officer. One reason why people commit crimes are because they are misled. For instance, many African American young men who grow up without a father or active male role model in their life, are likely to resort to crime as a means to survival or for a sense of love. Often times these teenagers end up being mentored by drug dealers or individuals who truly don’t have their best interest at hand. “Extremely disadvantaged neighborhoods are socially isolated from mainstream society, and as such, their residents have less access to jobs, fewer opportunities to…

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