Being A Hospital At The Queen Elizabeth Hospital For My Placement

1093 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Placement. Day 1.

I was lucky enough to be assigned to Outpatients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for my placement, being a hospital, I knew that I would be entering an environment with a very large demographic and community. On prior research I found it interesting to find that they care for more than 250,000 patients in primarily Adelaide’s western suburbs. I knew before my placement that this would include many different demographic factors such as, age, religion, sex, and culture. This also included patients with mental health problems, this skills and communication having to be adapted to appropriately care for this demographic. When arriving at the hospital, I found to my surprise that they have a range of specialised wards and clinics, I was never aware of this previously. When I arrived to my assigned outpatients’ area I was rostered to the ulcer’s and plastic’s clinics. This was a great start to my first ever placement, I was briefed and begun my day. I firstly began by sanitising patient ulcer’s which was a great first experience as a Nursing Student. I was then also able to experience my first ever removal of stitches, during this procedure I applied my academic knowledge to ensure I successfully executed the removal of around 20 stitches from my elderly female patient. During my time in the ulcers’ clinic I observed that all the patients were in need of medical treatment, a common regularity. After my break, I was assigned to the next clinic being plastics,…

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