Essay about Being A Free Slave?

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Despite the one hundredth year anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery still persists today behind institutional systems. It is used to hide the horrifying fact of controlling a country without letting the people know it; using structures like prisons and ghettos to keep the minority down from achieving their goals or catching up to “them” , referred in the “Letter as White People.” Even with the combined laws of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, it was only an illusion of freedom. Being a free slave was only the first step, slaves had to struggle to rehabilitate into society and with the Jim Crow laws passing it didn’t help them either. The segregated laws separated the colored folks with the whites folks, and giving low quality services like housing projects and education to the color people. The housing projects were called the ghetto, it created a controlled environment of minority of African Americans with an alarming rate of crimes. There were white cops patrolling the area and killing black man without a real legal cause or reason and having the cops get away with the brutal murders. The system seems to be built on making sure that blacks wouldn’t be able to achieve greatness in this country. Despite the huge disadvantages from oppression, police brutality, and the American system working against the blacks, many people like James Baldwin fought back the ideology of the black males and trying to reshape the minds of the young youths and Americans.…

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