Being A First Generation Student Essay

707 Words Sep 29th, 2015 3 Pages
Like I have said before, I am proud to be a First Generation student. I feel like we are the minority, though. I am glad that I have a classroom full of people that I have something in common with. With being the minority, it is sometimes hard to make connections with people. I feel like some people look down on First Generation students and others think that it is very cool. I know someone has told me, “Wow, I can’t imagine what it is like for you.” So far, I don’t think it has had much of an impact. As a freshman, as a First Generation student, I feel like I am doing pretty well. The first couple days before classes started I would hate logging in to ICON because it would make me nervous and give me this uneasy feeling having to look at my classes. I also didn’t like reading through the syllabus, because again, it gave me anxiety. I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first day of classes. I would ask myself, “Am I going to survive? I was a good student in high school, am I going to keep being a good student?” One thing I’ve learned is that no body really cares what you did in high school. I feel like I’m the only one that talks about my high school experience. As far as being prepared for college, I feel like I was pretty well prepared. I was just really nervous. I don’t exactly know what my mom’s view on college is. She was a bit confusing. Her being from Mexico and not attending school past elementary school, she has always just been a hard worker…

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