Being A Dog As A Pet Growing Up Essay

810 Words Oct 8th, 2014 4 Pages
Feeling deprived by not having a dog as a pet growing up, I accepted the huge responsibility of bringing a puppy home a few months ago without fully realizing what I was getting myself into. My energetic six month old pup, Oscar, is a German and Australian Shepherd mix. He makes for a wonderful companion that craves attention, and never lets our leftovers go to waste. He is full of unconditional love for his owners just like I had assumed my future dog would be. However, the terrible habits that coincide with this puppy were completely unexpected. Although what I thought having a dog was going to be like and what it is actually like have the overall similarities of companionship and love, they differ in terms of Oscar’s extreme destructiveness and excessively hyper behavior. When desiring the camaraderie of a dog, I imagined a well-behaved animal that would never consider damaging my belongings. Assuming that only a few certain breeds of dogs would gnaw on items other than food and chew toys, it was never considered to be a problem. Thinking that only particular animals dig holes into the ground, I was never aware of the fact that several dogs did too. Almost all of my friends and family members have at least one dog, and none have ever complained of any destructive traits, nor have they ever been witnessed while visiting. I had believed that if any such difficulties occurred, a dog would simply grow out of it with age or could be trained to behave otherwise. I dreamed of…

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