Being A Creative Person I Essay

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Being a creative person I have always been fervent about learning the fine arts. To be able to discover the past and present artistic styles and techniques and obtaining information to help improve my own work or revealing myself to new styles, I never thought were possible. Perhaps it is the composition of fine art, the well thought-out placement of the visual elements that act together to form a coherent whole. The artist has to apply conscious thought to create their work. They create perfection, although some famous artist will include imperfections in their deeds. I don 't fit in among fine art by any substance, not with the multitude of freckles and scars that stain my body. I will never grace a great painter 's canvas, but that 's all right because I will draw myself. I will dance in my own colors and paint my own story that this body has to enjoin. I may not be someone else 's idea of beauty or aesthetic perfection, but I am content with who I am. Each scar and freckles tell a story of the adventures I 've been on during the many years I 've traveled my path. Although if I was gifted the opportunity I would remove some of the freckles from my shoulders and down my arms. They are all different colors and sizes and they overlap each other, like a starry nighttime sky. I attained most of these freckles when I was twelve years old and it was a beautiful summer day and I wanted to play. Going against my mom 's advice about wearing a hat and putting on sunscreen, I ran…

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