Being A Conformist Or Non Conformist Essay

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Every person born has a chance to either be a conformist or non-conformist. The world tells us that if you are born into a poor single family household or raised around drugs and violence, then you to are likely to follow those same patterns and behaviors. What the world doesn’t tell us though, is that sometimes these statistics can turn out quite differently.
Allyson Milvo was born in OKC, OK on 20 September 1979. Her parents were unmarried at the time and she came into this world with one older brother. Her birth father decided to leave and never look back but her mother would marry a few years later and he would adopt both children and vowed to raise them as his own. Unfortunately, this marriage would end shortly after it began and her mother found herself being a single parent to two young children, both under the age of ten. Over the next few years her mother did the best she could. She worked two jobs, one at a café during the day and the other at a bar at night. They lived paycheck to paycheck but she always made sure there was a roof over their head and food in their stomachs. They resided in a small house just outside of a very poor neighborhood. Falling under the pressures of a being a single parent and struggling financially, she began to drink alcohol and turned to different men for love and comfort. Strange men were in and out of their home and life’s, to include the kids’ lives. As Allyson got older, this placed an enormous strain on the relationship. Her…

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