Being A Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

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Not everyone has a big enough heart to care for strangers; some people may just look the other way and ignore. Being a Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA), or also called a Nurses’ Aide, you must be willing to care for patients with activities of the daily living, under the supervision of a nurse. When the Volunteer Nurses’ Aide Service program launched by the American Red Cross, numerous amounts of volunteered people gathered to train to become a nurses aide during WWI. Due to traumatic amount of injured soldiers, young woman were taught the ways of being able to assist the nurses. Then again during WWII, 12,000 more aides were also apart of the team in the military hospitals. Out of all the different units of the hospital, I’m in the Float Pool. Float Pool CNA’s are trained to be able to provide help and care, for patients with different diagnosis’s. Floats fill a spot where a floor needs an extra pair of hands. Whether it’s because a floor had a call out, or the floor is heavy and requires more staff. I come to work not knowing what unit I’m going to be assigned too. While driving to work, bunches of floors flood my brain as I try to predict where I’ll be sent too. I always work twelve hour night shifts from seven at night, to seven-thirty in the morning. Unlike a nurse, a CNA does not need to attend college to get certified. There are numerous programs that do and don’t require money to get certified. Even some hospitals also have programs that work towards a CNA…

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