Being A Caucasian, Non Religious Female Essay

1326 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Everyone has a different social location based on their personal experiences and aspects of their identities. Being a Caucasian, non-religious female, my social location would appear to be like most other Canadian women. Growing up in a small town consisting of dominantly middle-class, Christian families, I have learned that everyone experiences different situations in their own ways, but many people assume that everyone experiences things similarly. In this strongly united community, there were often expectations from people as to how my household should be structured. The general assumption being that my family would be similar to those in my neighborhood: two parents, and siblings from the same two parents. This was not the situation I had growing up, and when people discovered my family structure, there were people who disapproved and treated myself and my family differently than they would treat other people. The negative stigma around my family situation caused my mother to be paranoid about how she would send us to school; the clothes we would wear, the food we would bring, the supplies we would have. Growing up in this environment is often seen as non-ideal, but has shaped me into a more independent, strong person. Growing up in the small community of Langham, a short 25-minute drive from the city of Saskatoon, there were not many things in the community that were not public knowledge. With a population of approximately 1300 people, news travels quickly to the…

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