Being A Captain For A Sports Team Essay

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For one to be seen as a leader in a certain role one must acquire the skills of vision, critical and/or creative thinking, respect, communication, teamwork, and ethics. Whether it something as simple as being a leader in a school project or being a captain for a sports team, being a leader carries responsibilities that affect the outcome of everyone involved in a group. Given these points, a personal experience of when I was a leader for a certain role was when I was a co-captain of my middle schools Lady Hawks basketball team. This role gave me responsibilities from leading stretching to directing plays during the games, and all my decisions affected everyone else on the team. For example, if I called out a play in the middle of an intense, close game, the play could go two ways; therefore, it could turn out successful and work for the better for our team or work negatively for our team. I must emphasis the word ‘our’ in ‘our team’, due to the fact that I was a co-captain but I respected my coach’s decisions and the fellow teammates as well. Everyone’s voice was heard and most of all, everyone’s input was taken into consideration. Under these circumstances, communication was a key component for our team, if we wanted to win a game or even come together as a team. We needed to hear one another and read each other in the middle of the games. I focused on all my teammate’s inputs and took them all into consideration for the final decision. In being a co-captain, I had a…

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