Being A Business Student I Essay

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Being a business student I was always interested in how the game of business works. Since the day I joined the business department as my point of interest I was really fascinated by what economics, marketing, human resources, accounting, and other important business fields have to offer towards business. I developed a feeling that they all have to work together for a business to be a successful one. They all revolve under a single world which can be termed as a company. A company’s one and only motive is viewed to make profit in the world of business. When I first came to SAU as a MBA candidate I was really fascinated by the course “Integrating Faith and Business.” I was really excited to know how it works and how they integrate their faith and business. Till today, I was just focused on the profit side of the business and never encountered the religious faith side. It was really interesting to see how business individuals brought their deep religious faith into their business and how they were successful through the grace of God.
The Bible is God’s gift to humankind. It teaches us how to behave in a proper manner and how to help others. Biblical teachings are very valuable if we look at them through the eyes of a business individual. Various teachings have different roles to play in the world of business. In Genesis 1:28 the Bible indicates that God both commanded and empowered human beings to be responsible stewards over creation (Wong & Rae, 2011). After God created this…

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