Behaviorly Anchored Rating System Essay

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We decided to use a Behaviorally Anchored Rating system (BARS) to evaluate teachers over various other methods due to several reasons. First, (BARS) minimizes these forms of bias; central tendency bias, where the rater tends to rate everyone near the average; a leniency bias, where the reviewer rates everyone near the top; strictness bias, the rater rates everyone near the bottom of the scale. Other rating systems, such as the graphic rating scale and mixed standard scale, are prone to rater bias and they do not have as clear of standards per rating. One raters five may be another 's four even if the teacher displays the same qualities. While the Behavioral Observation Scale (BOS) may be more specific than the previously mentioned systems, …show more content…
- The teacher prepares well planned lessons for the students, however, the teacher does not employ a variety of teaching styles often. In addition, the teacher does not always utilize the full class time. The teacher assigns homework, projects and tests, but does not consistently create material for them.

4. - The teachers lesson plans meet the curriculum requirements but do not go above and beyond. The teacher typically sticks to one method of teaching and only utilizes the full class time about half of the time. The teacher does provide homework and projects however they are not as extensive as they should be. The teacher does not create material for homework, projects, and tests.

3. - The teachers lesson plans are below average but meet the curriculum requirements. The teacher only uses one method of teaching and typically does not use the full class time. The teacher uses premade sources for test questions from other sources such as the textbook. In addition, homework and projects are not sufficient to cover the material.

2. - The teachers lessons plans meet the bare minimum requirements. The teacher uses one method of teaching and almost never uses the full class time. The teacher does not create material for homework, projects or tests. Homework is almost never given and is not sufficient to cover the
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Each statement gives a specific description on how he/she would be given the score they deserved. After assessing the results of this scale from past appraisals, we could then determine the BARS’ criterion-related validity. After administering the same measurement scale to other teachers for the same TDR, we could then compare scores and see if there are any noticeable differences in the way we rate our employees. This correlation would also help us to determine if there are any flaws in our appraisal

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