Essay on Behaviorism Is A Natural Science

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“Behaviorism is a natural science that takes the whole field of human adjustments as its own” (Watson 7). First time I heard about behaviorism I automatically knew It would have something to do with a person behavior. Which indeed it is, but it’s way broader than just behavior. At first I thought our behavior was based on our personality. For example, a person who’s outgoing and down to earth is more likely to engage in social activities rather than isolate themselves. Although that may be true now days, behaviorism in the 1913’s was known as a “subject matter of human psychology” where behaviorist observed “behavior or activities of the human being” that excluded the “consciousness” (Watson 3). The idea to understand behaviorism is for you to sit down and actually observe people and by observing it doesn’t mean look at what they are wearing, how their makeup looks, what they are eating or what type of shoes they have on. Actually look at what the person or group of people are doing or saying and from there try to conclude their behavior. Try to fit it into a stimulus and response type of situation. For instance, when we are hungry our stomachs growl telling us we need food, so what do we do? We go out and get food right, we eat. If a person is afraid of clowns, and you dress up as a clown, they will probably react in a negative way which is known as fear. Another way of seeing this is, is by looking into John B. Watson’s, “Little Albert experiment” where…

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