Behavioral Therapy : A Form Of Therapy Essay

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Behavior Therapy Behavior Therapy is a form of therapy where the practitioner focus primarily on observable behavior, some of the most well known faces of behavior therapy are B.F. Skinner, Albert Bandura and Arnold Lazarus. (Corey, 2013 pp. 245-246). Behavioral therapy helps promote changes in the individual, it can be tailored to treat clients in their specific needs. Behavior therapy is most often used to treat anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, substance abuse, eating and weight disorders, sexual disorders and pain management. But it can also be implemented in the fields of developmental disabilities, mental illness, special education, rehabilitation, self-management, sports psychology and medicine among others. One of the main concepts of behavioral therapy is that human nature is not a by-product of their social-cultural conditioning, but rather, each person is the producer and the product of his or her environment, therefore, behavior therapy helps people change their dysfunctional behaviors. Some of the techniques of Behavior therapy are Behavioral Assessment, which involves a comprehensive assessment of the client and his or her target problems. (Tan, 2011. p.218) It also includes the technique of modeling, which involves the client observing another person 's behavior and the attempt to emulate those behaviors. Modeling involves five functions: teaching, prompting, motivating, reducing anxiety, and discouraging. In the case of of the divorced mother with the…

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