Behavioral Theory : Behavioral Theories Essay

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Behavioral Theory This paper will start with Behavioral theory. Behavior is a response to a stimulus. These theorist Pavlov, Skinner and Watson believed in behavioral theory. Behaviorism is a learning theory that focuses on observable behaviors mainly on students. It is broken into two areas of conditioning classic and behavioral or operant. Most are familiar with operant conditioning, where one learns through reward what behavior is desired. Operant conditioning is used in our classrooms today that helps get the behavior that you want for your students. Operant conditioning encourages positive reinforcement that is needed so everyone gets what they need done. Ivan Pavlov is a behaviorist. This means that his theories focused on observable behavior, because behavior can be measured and thought can not. Pavlov studied reflexes which are automatic behavior that is caused by a stimulus from the environment. Some reflexes, such as the sucking reflex of a baby when something is put in his/her mouth or when a ball comes flying at you, you tend to cover your face. This automatic behavior can be manipulated in different ways. This is called conditioning. The theory of Pavlov could be tested in experiments that have taken place in a laboratory. He often used animals in his experiments. For example, his most famous experiment is the one when he used dogs to demonstrate classical conditioning. The dogs he used showed a salivation response when they were offered food which is…

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