Behavioral, Social Cognitive And Cognitive Schools Of Personality

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This case will analyze – from the perspective of three teams of experts from the Behavioral, Social Cognitive and Cognitive schools of personality – Jane, who is a 38-year-old, African American female. She has wanted therapy ever since her husband was killed in a car crash. She was a passenger during the accident. However, while she wants therapy, she does not want to venture out of her home. In fact, she is afraid of such a prospect. Her family is not helping her, as they believe she is using the accident as an excuse to gain attention, rather than taking her condition seriously. Jane has mentioned that she no longer feels loved, and that she might as well give up on her life. She is looking for therapy whereby the therapist would conduct the therapy during at-home visits. The three teams of experts from which a perspective about this case will be gleaned are: (1) Ivan Pavlov and Burrhus Frederic Skinner, (2) George Kelly, Albert Bandura, Walter Mischel, and (3) Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis.
Pavlov and Skinner – Behavioral Approach
Summary of Perspectives
Russia’s most famous scientist, Ivan Pavlov, studied classical conditioning or respondent conditioning, the former he referred to as involuntary responses that result from experiences before a response may be expected. With this theory, behavior is not a determinant as two distinct stimuli are used, the first being the unconditioned stimulus where a response occurs without previous learning.
B. F. Skinner is rebound for…

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