Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood Essay

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Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood

Early childhood behavioral problems is are a complex issue and there are many important aspects to consider when discussing this unique age group. The following is a broad review of the research on the subject. Included is an overview of the topic, as well as a review and discussion of risk factors, assessment methods, and intervention strategies. It is also discussed that further research must be done in order to provide better assessment techniques and treatment procedures for young children with behavioral issues.

Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood

Early childhood behavior has long been a subject of interest among psychologists as well as professionals in other
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To begin with, the DSM-IV is the most common way of assessing preschoolers. However, the use of the DSM-IV with children has been validated for the use of school-age children and adolescents, not preschoolers. It is important that young children are being assessed accurately within a framework that is valid for their age group.
The authors reviewed the research on the validity of the DSM-IV for assessing behavioral problems in young children and compared different ideas on what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior in young children. According to their research, they found that the DMSDSM-IV is a valid method of assessing young children for oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. However, slight modifications need to be made based on each individual child’s developmental level. They also stress the need for further research on the subject to develop more tools to assess the children in this age group (Keenan & Wakschlag, 2002).

Intervention Strategies
One main underlying commonality in the majority of research on this topic is the importance of early intervention. Stacks (2005) suggests that “Intervention for children with moderate to severe behavior problems in early childhood is crucial because behavior problems are likely to persist into elementary school leading to a

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