Behavioral Experience In Social Work

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During my internship at Safe Space, an agency for homeless youths, I have observed and experienced my amazing things. The staffs have effectively demonstrated what the job of a social worker is and what they do. Through individual and groups activities, I was able to increase my knowledge on the social work practice behaviors. Each competency describes the knowledge, values, skills, cognitive and emotional process that social workers need. This paper will highlight the behavioral practices that I have observed during my field internship.
Professional Identity
In the field of social work, the practice behavior of professional identity is essential for developing relationships between social workers, clients and colleagues. Professional identity
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However, the staffs have not adapted to changes made in the organization. For example during my internship, I was ask by the receptionist to take her place at the front desk. My supervisor agreed because she did not have anything at the time for me to do. The receptionist explain what I needed to do when answering the phone. However, her explanation was fast and I did not understand. A few minutes after the receptionist left, the phone rang and I answered. It was women asking to speak to mental health therapist, so I try to refer her to a therapist. However, I accidentally hung up on her. I went to my supervisor to explain the situation. She explain that I don’t need to answer the phones because they also did not know how to use the phones well. The phones was just recently brought into the agency. I believe this experience is important to my development as a social worker because it shows the importance of continuously learning and improving your skills as a social …show more content…
Social workers must have the knowledge and skills to work with individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. Social worker have to identify, analyze, and implement evidence-based interventions that are intended to reach client goals. In this practice behavior, social workers uses empathy and other interpersonal skills. Social workers are understanding, aware of, sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of the client. They also uses another interpersonal skills every day to communicate and interact with

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