Essay on Behavioral Change Project : A Lifestyle Change

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Behavioral Change Project

Describe the behavior you chose for this project.

A lifestyle change involves altering a particular lifestyle-correlated behavior. These behaviors include physical activity, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption as well as certain physical and mental conditions such as obesity, asthma, and abusive disorders. The behavior change that I choose is diet with emphasis on transitioning to healthier eating habits that are plant based (more fruits and vegetables) and less heavy meat consumption. To successfully achieve the required behavior, my focus is on finding out the causes of heavy meat consumption.

Evaluate how well the theory you used for your intervention predicted behavior change.

Was the theory helpful in guiding your change? Did you find that parts of the theory didn 't apply as well as you thought they would? If you struggled or succeeded, which parts of the theory seemed most important in accomplishing your goal? Would another theory work better? Focusing on the word healthier, the thought process/behavior that fueled my dietary transition was the understanding that my current diet was unhealthy in particular due to excessive meat consumption. This concern lead the basis for the psychological classification of excessive meat eating as an eating disorder. Disorder automatically triggers a change because order that is preferred and thereby gave me study direction needed to make the necessary transition. The focal point of my study is…

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