Behavioral Beliefs : Most Nights By Jacoby Gets Drunk Essay

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Behavioral beliefs: Most nights, Jacoby gets drunk, has unprotected sex with random people and does ecstasy. This shows that he does not care about his lifestyle. When both Arnold and Anne confront Jacoby about the pills, which they found in his room, he quickly disregards them as nothing serious. I would definitely say that when Jacoby brushes the pill question off, it shows that he believes what he is doing is right as long as he is not hurting anyone. Evaluation of behavioral outcomes: Jacoby does not go to college and engages in promiscuous behavior such as having stayed out all night and getting drunk most of the night. He also does ecstasy and has sex with random men and women. Based on the text, Jacoby does not care or think about the outcomes of his promiscuous actions. He is just living in the moment as his dad would say, as well as surrounding himself around people who also are living life in the fast lane. This is a good representation of the phrase, “birds of a feather flock together” because Jacoby is hanging out with friends who are much older, but also living that carefree lifestyle. Jacoby looks to just enjoying life right now and does not acknowledge that fact that his behaviors have great consequences. Normative belief: As Arnold mentioned, Jacoby has much older friends who are setting bad examples for him and engaging in such behaviors. Behaviors that would include: lots of partying with alcohol, drugs, and unprotected sex. To Jacoby, this is what seems…

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