Behavioral Assessment And Behavior Intervention Plans Essay example

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IDEA emphasizes that students with disabilities who exhibit behavior problems be provided positive behavioral supports and services through the IEP process. This can include Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plans. Contrary to what many believe, school division policies in regards to discipline apply to students with disabilities. School officials can take disciplinary action against a student with disabilities. However, to do so they must follow the IDEA 's procedures. This permits students with disabilities to be disciplined while eliminating the possibility that they will be deprived of educational opportunities for behaviors that have a direct causal relationship with their disabilities. According to Yell, “schools may use procedures such as reprimands, detention, restriction of privileges, response cost, in school suspension (if the student’s education is continued), and short term out of school suspension (10 days or less) as long as the procedures are not abused or applied in a discriminatory manner”(Yell, 2016, p.321). Sometimes, disciplinary actions constitute a change in placement. IEP teams make these determinations. A series of short term suspensions that total more than ten days may indicate a change in placement. Long term suspensions which are more than ten days and expulsions qualify as a change of placement. Parents must be notified of their right to appeal a decision to suspend or expel. Educational services…

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