Behavior Therapy Is A Method Of Psychology Essay

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Behavior Therapy was develop by B.F. Skinner, he was considered to be the father of the behavioral approach of psychology, Skinner emphasizes his efforts on the effects of environment in behavior, and he believed that behaviors were a result of cause-and-effect between environmental conditions and behavior. In essence, Behavior Therapy is a method that centers primarily on learned behaviors, and on determinants of behavior, the goal of the therapist is to change that undesirable behavior. (Corey, 2013) This method can be very useful in helping clients struggling with anger because it starts by focusing on the displayed behavior of the individual. Behavior Therapy have four areas of development, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, social-cognitive theory and cognitive behavior therapy. For this paper intents and purposes, the student will focus on Cognitive behavior therapy, Cognitive therapy operates on the assumption that what people believe influences how they act and feel. (Corey, 2013 p.249) By focusing on the beliefs of the client, the therapist is able to understand the way they act and the reasons why they act that way. For instance, a client who always get angry whenever he or she is corrected on something they have done wrong at home, at work, or any social situation may be remembering a similar situation from his or her youth where they suffered embarrassment, humiliation, or pain. The purpose of a therapist using cognitive therapy is to modify…

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