Behavior Modification Paper

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Behavior Modification Paper
By: Britni Champagne

Target Behavior:
Decrease or Extinct PTSD and Symptoms

Part I
Target Behavior
The behavior I chose to modify and/or change is my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I chose to decrease the duration of symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance, loss of focus, loss of memory, feelings of detachment, arousal, angry outbursts, loss of concentration, and chronic lateness in order to maintain and function on a normal day to day level.

Part II
Short Term
I will be able to take kaylen to the park if I am able to decrease the amount of symptoms per day.
I will go and get my nails done if I am able to decrease the amount of symptoms per day.
I will be able
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Therapist suggested accelerated resolution therapy to completely extinct the behaviors and not just decrease them.

Part V
* Day 1-Number of nightmares-4, number of times I had anxiety related to PTSD-15, number of flashbacks-7, number of angry outbursts-3. I was late getting kids to school, late for school myself, and missed work completely. I got no schoolwork done and had a test today I forgot about. I had a breakdown because I forgot to bring my daughter’s lunch when dropping her off this morning. I go and go, but nothing gets done. * Day 2-Number of nightmares-3, number of times I had anxiety related to the PTSD-12, number of flashbacks-6, number of angry outburst-6. I completely missed school today b/c I knew I really didn’t have to be there. I was late getting to work and couldn’t concentrate b/c I am worried about my therapy session tomorrow. I don’t want to talk about it. It seems to only make me worse. The panic and anxiety get worse. I shut down mentally and emotionally. Nervous about kk having tubes put in ears. * Day 3-Nightmares-0 cuz I didn’t sleep, anxiety related attacks-17, flashbacks take a whole new meaning-29, angry outburst-24. I had a complete breakdown late last night b/c I got it in my head that kk wouldn’t wake up from anesthetia once they put her to sleep for her tubes. Not only that I haven’t been back to that hospital since

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