Behavior Management : A Small Range Of Questions And Strategies Surrounding It

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The topic of behaviour management has a large range of questions and strategies surrounding it. In this essay the writer contends to demonstrate to the reader that using a strength based approach to behaviour management is more effective long term then a disciplinary approach. A strengths based approach focused on the strengths of students rather than their weaknesses. This approach to behaviour management grants students the opportunity to fell important, it also allows them to realise their own potential and see their teachers as partners in learning (Grant & Cadell, 2009). While a disciplinary approach can leave students feeling anxious and only has a short term effect over classroom behaviour as it does nothing to tackle the problem of why the students are misbehaving (Robinson & Maines, 1994). Positive education, is another approach will be mentioned in this essay as it supports the idea of a strength based approach being more effective, and helps highlight how student wellbeing is important to education and in turn the behaviour of students in a classroom (Alderman & Green, 2011).
Firstly to understand why a strengths based approach is a more effective model of maintaining long term positive behaviour it is important to understand what a strengths based approach is. Strength based approaches were first developed by social work educator in the US during the 1960s and 1970s, it was also influenced by positive psychology (Seligman 1990) and social service research…

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