Essay on Behavior Change Project

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Behavior Change Project

Selecting a Student

I selected my student from one of my students that I viewed to have some of the worst behavior in the class. I am at Bond Elementary School which is an intercity school. Most of the school’s student population comes from subsidized housing (the projects). I am in a first grade class of nineteen students. While performing my duties at in Mrs. J Williams Classroom I became very eager to observe as well as work with a student by the name of Ja’Von W. Ja’Von is a six year old, I recently found out that his mother is on drugs and is being supported by his sixteen year old brother. Many of the students that I have observed in the classroom have had behavior problems and issues with their
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Ja’Von will be reading with fluency by the end of the intervention. The behavior that Ja’Von is to demonstrate accurately defined and passes the Stranger Test in a way that anyone not familiar with the student could take the definition of the behavior and accurately determine its occurrence or non-occurrence at a level that commensurate with that of teachers who have daily contact with the child. This behavior also passes the So What Test being that Ja’Von’s disruptions in her class are affecting the performance of the other students in an academic way. The behavior illustrated by this student does pass the Dead Man's test because his classroom disruptions cannot be done by a dead man and so there for it is also a Fair Pair. Ja’Von behavior passes all of the test that pinpoint a target behavior.

Recording the Behavior

The targeted behavior that I will be recording from Ja’Von would fall under the category of academic behavior. This particular behavior can be shown through Frequency recording. As Ja’Von reads I will use the event recording (Frequency/ Behavior count) form. I choose this recording technique because it counts the number of times the target behavior occurs. It is a simple way to record my baseline and intervention. On one side of the form I will record her baseline behavior and on the other side of the form I will record her intervention behavior. In the baseline he will be timed

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