Before They Cried By Karen Cresswell: Summary

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Before They Cried is a fictional account of the lives of Native American tribes before the Trail of Tears, written by Karen Cresswell. This story is centered around a girl named Us-di that wanted to play and explore but, it was a dark time in her history. Her grandma who she loved had a profound influence in her life as she flourished into a strong young woman, and her spirit animal led her on the path to knowledge and wisdom. Not only did she find herself she found love and discovered truth. Life threw tragedy in her path yet she persevered.
The author’s main focus is on Native American history and the effect that it had on the tribe, especially the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears is a sad time in history for those who want to learn about
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I believe that her purpose in the story was to make the audience feel some sort of connection toward Us-di, and her tribe. Karen Cresswell gave the audience reading the book an inside into the lives and the feeling that the Native Americans had leading up to the Trail of Tears and what they were all thinking. While reading this book I really enjoyed reading the stories that the tribes told and the story about Us-di and her journey into becoming a woman and all the trials and tribulations that they went through and how the Americans treated them and want them to change their ways and wanted their land. Also the story goes into depth about how the Natives felt about the white man in their land and the way they tried to influence their lives.
I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to look at the side of the Native Americans and see the way they looked at the white man when in the dawn of the Trail of Tears. Also if someone wants to learn more about how Native Americans lived and how their culture played a role in their lives and their journies. I my humble opinion I believe that this story was exceptional and was clearly articulated the culture of Native americans and how they felt in America, and also highlighted how some of the white man felt about

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