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Listening assignment 2: Beethoven “Eroica”
In 1803 Beethoven composed his Third Symphony. It was most played at a private concert during the summer a year later at the estate of Prince Franz Joseph von Lobkowitz and in the following year he gave a public premier in Vienna on April 7th 1805. At the time the audiences were split into 2: Those who rated the symphony a masterpiece and those who said that the piece was too long, difficult and strange. The movements in this symphony were departed in unexpected ways from Beethoven’s other writings for symphony especially with the first movement of this symphony being as long as the symphonies from a generation earlier.
This symphony was first called the Bonaparte because Beethoven highly
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(Burkholder and Palisca, 315)
The first movement is heroic in its own way; it has thematic richness, exciting climaxes and obstinate assertion of individual imagination. (Burkholder and Palisca, 315) The overall form is sonata, there’s a theme group one, then it modulates to the dominant, then there’s a second theme and a closing theme in the exposition then a development… then the recapitulation and cota. (Burkholder and Palisca, 315.) The cellos first implement the first motive instead of the violins, which is said to be an unusual placement, which is not what is modeled in later romantic symphonic compositions.
I think this was more of a romantic piece due to its historical ties with that was going on in Beethoven’s life. In the anthology I read that the symphony is believed to sound like an actual story that is going on where a protagonist is going through a trial of some sort and as the symphony goes on there is some trouble and then there is defeat for the protagonist. The music that is going on in the beginning sound happier and is a major key, it seems as if there is a choice to be made by someone. The music and rhythm soon change and rhythmically I feel that there is a problem that he goes through and then is later defeated,
This “Heroic” symphony is said to be one

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