Beeswax Candle Case Study

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1. Where can I find authentic beeswax candle supplier?
We have an authentic and all organic farm in Canada for our supplies for the beeswax candles. you may find time to check in the build section of our shop so you may build your own candle.

2. Are your beeswax candles organic?
Yes, beeswax candles we have are all organic and mold straight from the beehive capping itself.
3. How long does the beeswax candle burn?
Inasmuch as the trimming and lighting of the wick are observed properly with regards to the ambiance of the room whether it has drafted, the candles may burn up to twice longer compared to paraffin candles due to its high melting properties which make it melt longer,thus longer burn time for your relaxation.
4. Do you bleach
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why are your beeswax candles in different shades of yellow?
Indeed, this is the natural effect of using 100% natural beeswax in making our candle. These colors are dependent on the age of the beehive and the vegetation around it and it ranges from light yellow to light brown which is used as proof of producing authentic all natural beeswax for our candle.
7. Why do I find bloom on my beeswax candle?
Bloom is found only on pure beeswax candles. which assure consumers the value of the product. this is a natural occurrence when the temperature suddenly rises inside the room where you keep the candles. For instance, one may just wipe off the bloom on the candle or put the candle under the sun for some time but not too long a to just remove the bloom and give back the glossy appearance of the candle.
8. howcome does pillar beeswax candles have a smooth and shiny appearance compared to other beeswax candles?
While we produce different varieties of candles, the pillars are made with added pressure so as to give it a finished look and also heated to make it last longer with the compact tightness it has around the wick.
9. Aside from the aromatherapy and fragrant oils do you also sell raw materials supply for beeswax candle
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yes, we sell them but for the customer to build their own candle.

10. Why are beeswax candles very expensive?
With the process the product undergoes and the dedication the beekeepers and workers exert on producing this masterpiece not to mention theses candles are handmade, alongside its lifetime and health benefits beeswax candle price is reasonable enough.
11. Why do I have to trim the wick on my beeswax candle?
This is done with pure cotton and natural hemp wick which goes out every several minutes. Trimming the candle wick is also done to regulate the flame and no drip on the candle plus longer burning time.

12. Is scented beeswax candle safe to use?
It is safe when the fragrance oil you use is free from harmful chemicals. as an added measure make sure to use pure natural oils for the fragrance and aromatherapy oils you would like to mix with your beeswax candle.
13. How long should I burn my beeswax candle?
There is no time limit on how long you would want to keep your beeswax candle burning. Anytime you please to light your candle is always the perfect

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