Essay about Beer Styles And Beer History

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Beer Styles and Beer History in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages recorded in human history. The first forms of beer were documented in Mesopotamia 3000 years BC as well as in Europe around the same time. Ever since then beer became an important part of German culture and lifestyle. It rose to become the national drink and the emblem of the people. There is hardly a second country in the world where there is a greater variety of beer than in Germany. Each state has its own varieties and favorites of beer styles and breweries. This paper is about the beer history in Germany as well as beer styles in Baden-Wurttemberg, the southwest of Germany. From the early Middle Ages, onwards the popularity of beer arose and monks started brewing beer commercially, with abbeys Weihenstephan and St. Gallen being pioneers. Brewing beer came with a lot of regulations and taxes due to the high consumption. The sale and brewing of beer were tied to certain privileges. With all regulations, the authorities wanted to make sure that no foreign beer was drunk in their domains, for which no taxes had to be paid. “Beer money” was one of the most important incomes of government and state in the German Reich in 1600s. After deaths and illnesses caused by beer mixed with for that time typical Bilsenkraut (hyoscyamus niger) in beers, Duke William IV of Bavaria passed the “Reinheitsgebot” (purity law) in 1516, which states that beer could only be brewed with…

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