Bee Ecosystem Essay

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Is This the End of the Bees? Bees are important indicators of a functioning ecosystem. When something goes wrong with bees, this could mean the collapse of our ecosystem. Bees still are dying in larger-than-average numbers in North America, Europe, parts of Asia and elsewhere. We 're still not sure why. In reading and researching about this, I have learned that there are many sources of information helps understand the scope of the problem, the importance of bees and its future. The earliest recorded Bee was found in Myanmar. It was found encased in amber and has been dated as 100 million years’ old. In those early days, the bees were more like wasps, eating other insects rather than nectar and pollen. It 's unclear exactly when bees decided to become vegetarian but considering the choice between eating a fly and some delicious, sweet tasting nectar from a cherry tree in full bloom, it seems like a good decision. …show more content…
The honeybee is just one of these species. Most other bees do not live in colonies preferring a more solitary existence. Bumblebees for example live in burrows in the ground. The plants and bees have a symbiotic relationship. The plant provides food for the bees in the form of nectar. As the bee collects the nectar it brushes against the anthers of the plant and pollen grains stick to the bee 's hairy body. When the bee then visits another plant some of the pollen on its body will rub off on the stigma of the plant. By this process bees pollinate about a third of our

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