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Anthem by Ayn Rand

Author's Foreword
|F.1 |This story was written in 1937. |
|F.2 |I have edited it for this publication, but have confined the editing to its style; I have reworded some passages and cut |
| |out some excessive language. No idea or incident was added or omitted; the theme, content and structure are untouched. The|
| |story remains as it was. I have lifted its face, but not its spine or spirit; these did not need lifting. |
|F.3 |Some of those who read the story when it was first written, told me that I was unfair to the ideals of collectivism; this |
| |was not, they said,
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|F.7 |"Social gains," "social aims," "social objectives" have become the daily bromides of our language. The necessity of a |
| |social justification for all activities and all existence is now taken for granted. There is no proposal outrageous enough|
| |but what its author can get a respectful hearing and approbation if he claims that in some undefined way it is for "the |
| |common good." |
|F.8 |Some might think -- though I don't -- that nine years ago there was some excuse for men not to see the direction in which |
| |the world was going. Today, the evidence is so blatant that no excuse can be claimed by anyone any longer. Those who |
| |refuse to see it now are neither blind nor innocent. |
|F.9 |The greatest guilt today is that of people who accept collectivism by moral default; the people who seek protection from |
| |the necessity of taking a stand, by refusing to admit to themselves the nature of that which they are accepting; the |
| |people who support plans specifically designed to achieve serfdom, but

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