Becoming The Successful Figure I Wanted Essay

827 Words Aug 26th, 2015 4 Pages
Being a first generation student and being completely clueless about my future beyond high school was a conflict that I spend most of my teenage years overcoming. Throughout my whole entire life I grew up always being told the same words of “you can be whatever you want”. As a mostly serious young girl, I had already developed the sense to always rely toward being more of a realist than a dreamer. I didn’t understand what people meant when they said I can achieve anything I wanted because I knew the reality of society was against this becoming real. With parents that came to this country seeking for new opportunities and having no background information about college or how to be a success, they really could not help me with all of my ever ending questions on how to become the successful figure I wanted. My parents spend most of their time working to provide for my brother and I, so I became very independent and had to create methods to push myself to find opportunities and resources, instead of having them laid out for me to grab. The main struggle of being the first in your family to pursue the American career path and go to college was never having an admirable figure with the same problem to get advice from the things I should be doing such as saving money and being delivered the college introduction phase. I wanted that professional domain figure or mentoring that other people my age were receiving or that additional support that led them to the path of achieving…

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