Becoming Successful And Effective Leaders Essay

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To become successful and effective leaders can be difficult and tough because there are not exactly patterns for leaders to follow. Moreover, many successful and effective leaders have a different leadership and behavior. Therefore, it might be difficult to trace. According to Rath & Conchie (2008), successful and effective leaders are aware of their strengths and weaknesses (p. 10). In other words, knowing the strengths and weaknesses can help leaders to be successful and effective. There are my top five strengths: Strategic, Achiever, Intellection, Competition, and Ideation.
First of all, the definition of strategic theme is that leaders, who strong in the Strategic theme, can create alternative ways to proceed. Furthermore, they usually have a different thinking and a special perspective. Therefore, these will allow them a new and unique patterns to find the best route (Rath & Conchie, 2008, p. 229). Moreover, this type of leaders will look a big picture and prepare every question that somebody might ask. Subsequently, they will set up a goal and act them (Rath, 2007, p. 353). Therefore, leaders with the Strategic theme will prepare everything before acting. When they are doing or dealing the things, it means that they are ready to act, response and answer. Secondly, leaders “strong in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina work hard” (Rath & Conchie, 2008, p. 103). They enjoy being busy and productive. This type of leaders like to set up a schedule, and at the…

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